This is the inaugural post on this weblog. In true Indian film tradition, such an occasion calls for an opening party, (or muhurat) type celebration. So, crack open a coconut, sit back and enjoy a stream of consciousness guff courtesy yours truly!

Why am I starting this weblog? Isn't the world already full of enough of them as it is? Well, perhaps there's room enough there yet. Millions of books are published every year - but that doesn' stop the laptop equipped latte chugging hordes in Starbucks and Baristas everywhere churning out stuff does it? You, my dear reader, get to decide what's worthwhile and what isn't.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we are multimedia producers, probably not as good as we'd like to be, but hopefully getting there. Anyway, by virtue of this goal, we consume a fair number of films, music, theater, and other forms of media. Living in the lovely Bay Afrea helps :-) In hopes of bettering ourselves, we like to analyze these works - find linkages, figure out why a particular film worked and so on. Our creative output focuses on the South Asian diaspora but grist for our input can be, should be, as varied as possible. This could be Bollywood, Japanese anime, Korean horror, UK Asian Underground music - the more the merrier. And this blog is where we record our impressions.

Of course, this is the main thrust of this weblog. But in true Bengali adda style, anything goes though I will try to keep the politics down to a minimum. 'nuff said. Enjoy!

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- April 6, 2005 11:28 PM // DishumDishum