Bold Bollywood

Consider how far love scenes in Bollywood have come. Or not. Once upon a time, we had demure Bollywood maidens looking down shyly as the face of the hero approached only to turn away in the last possible moment. Alternatively, our romantic hero, zooming in on the heroine's lips, would abort his mission in the very last second and nuzzle her throat instead, thus displaying yet another slick collision avoidance technique and saving blushes all around. rog1.jpgAlas, the introduction of satelite TV, phoren (foreign) films and other pernicious sources of corruption, put pressure on Bollywood to do more. Efforts by Raj Kapoor notwithstanding, Bollywood resisted like any good girl would. But finally, with films like Murder, Julie and others, we had the advent of "dare bare" heroines and "bold" and "sleazy" films. The main purpose of all of this was to consume acres and acres of newsprint of breathless hype and speculation over who would show what inch of flesh next. The films themselves were little more than hours and hours of heavy handed melodrama followed by a glimpse of somebody in a bikini. Whee. Rog continues this glorious trend. Consider this still from the film: how daring indeed! However, it's curious that if you stage such a steamy scene, you wouldn't turn up the AC in the room so high. Clearly, the lady is feeling the chill. But, props to Rog for the "illation". Maybe, in a couple more decades, we can get the rest of (t)it. Meanwhile, this elaborate striptease continues at its glacial pace, one tree at a time.

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- May 7, 2005 8:19 PM // Bollywood