DeNiro Watch Out!

Here's something you film aficienados will truly appreciate. Not content pumping up their bods, our young thesps have decided there's more to acting than just pouting and yelling. Just like their western counterparts, Bollywood actors now go all out to prepare themselves for a role. Rediff reveals the grueling research undertaken by Dino Morea for Chehra (Appearance):

"I've just finished Rakht and played a negative role. It was a volatile aggressive character. And in this film I play a well-off doctor. If people see Rakht and this film, they will get to know my versatility as an actor," claims Dino Morea...

About his preparation for Chehra, Dino revealed, "I have met up with psychiatrists and found out that they don't wear white overcoats like doctors do. I met them to get a feel of the character. A psychiatrist's job is only to talk to the patients."

No lab coat? Wonder how many notepads Mr. Morea had to fill before he gained that priceless insight.

PS - Link courtesy Amar Parikh.

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- May 12, 2005 8:49 PM // Bollywood , Select