American - The Brand

As befits a superpower, especially one so obsessed with marketing, the USA has invested much in the word American. Putting that adjective in front of another word somehow makes the combination bigger than the sum of the parts. For example, there is "dream" and then there is the American Dream (and you have to say it in a basso profundo voice for maximum effect). Somehow, no one talks about the Mali Dream or the Belgian Dream! Moreover, if you're not content with just American, there's All-American of the blue eyed square jawed variety. And this has long been a favored tactic for harried screenwriters looking to juice up their title. So, searching on IMDB for titles with the word American in them yields something like 1170 titles, amongst them such notables as American Kickboxer, All American Chump, American Dog, American Cowboy (is there any other kind?) and American Pimp. Of course desi filmmakers are getting in the act as well. Hence, we have American Desi, American Chai, and last but not least, Indian Fish in American Waters. How's that for fusion? I tried similar searches for British, French, Chinese and Indian. None came close but at least for Indian, I found such gems as Bollywood - the Indian Dream, Running on Indian Time, I...Proud To Be An Indian and Indian Uprising. So, perhaps brand Indian is not so far behind after all! I'll have to get cracking on the "All American Curry" script though before that title gets taken!

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- June 19, 2005 10:29 PM // Film , Select