Definition of Dishum Dishum

So, what exactly does "Dishum Dishum" mean? The actual origin of the name comes from the fight scenes in a Bollywood film, specifically from the sound of the punches thrown. They have a distinct cardboard drum like sound, not surprising because perhaps that's what was used in the foley process! Here's an audio sample. In a more general sense, however, dishum-dishum refers to action as an ingredient in a Mumbai potboiler. People will tell you, "go see this film, there's a lot of dishumdishum in it!" In that context, dishum-dishum conjures up images of a very specific type of stylized action sequence i.e. cheesy blaxploitation/kung-fu type gyrations. Think of it as the Indian version of chop-socky!

Want more? Have a look at this clip from Dil Hai To Mangta Nahin, a huge Bollywood blockbuster from the early '90s. In this excerpt, Aamir Khan single-handedly beats up the baddies and rescues the damsel in distress. Wasn't that fun?

However, for the record, dishum-dishum, like chop-socky, has evolved with the '90s and beyond. Serious productions from Bollywood have genuinely thrilling action sequences and Aamir Khan is one of the main folks responsible for this update. Check out his work in Ghulam for example - serious jaw-dropping material. However, current frivolous efforts, instead of being lame kung-fu knockoffs, are now lame Matrix copies.

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- July 31, 2005 10:08 PM // Bollywood , Film