Humble suggestions for TV shows

Recently, the US TV industry seems to have started testing the waters for multiethnic fare. Unfortunately, the ones I keep hearing about don't seem particularly inspiring. Consider Nevermind Nirvana - Indian-American guy gets engaged to a Caucasian woman, causing family issues. Yawn. So I thought, surely it can't be that difficult to come up with some pitches for TV shows featuring Asian content that are, while cliched, might be teensy weensy better. You be the judge:

Wright and Wong: Jim Wright and Frederick Wong first meet in law school at Georgetown and, years later, decide to set up a criminal law partnership. They find their idealism and relationship continually tested by the barrage of white collar cases. Jim feels this is but par for the course, yet Frederick continually sees double standards that allows such criminals to get away with lighter sentences than dope dealers. Further complications occur when law intern Ayesha Bose joins their practice for the summer. Both Jim and Frederick fall for her but is it right for them to take advantage of their status? Who gets the girl? Stay tuned and find out!

Patel Motel: It's a wild and wacky world at Nishith Patel's Fairview Inn in Santa Cruz. From dealing with itinerant vagrants to disaffected hippies looking for a quiet spot to light up in ("get your kundalini on somewhere else!) to one night stands gone wrong ("His ling-what? Lady, I don't charge by the hour you know!") to midwestern families ("Apu is a cartoon! Thank you and come again you #@@$#!) . On top of this aggravation, he has to deal with his nagging wife and his unemployed son is happy to mooch off him but is rarely around to help. Things start to heat up further when his cousin Amar, who had lent him the original seed money for the motel, wants his money back. With interest. Then a Holiday Inn Express, owned by his arch enemy, Piyush Shah, opens next door ...

Yallah Alley Blues: Maggie Habib is up against it. Being a recent widow is tough enough but now her sandwich shop is under investigation by the city authorities because of anonymous complaints, her brother Nasr has become one of the local FBI branch's "usual suspects" despite never having been to the Middle East since 1979 and her teenage daughter, May, prefers flautas to falafel and rap to rai. To add to her troubles, she finds herself falling for the City Health Inspector who is dropping by a little too frequently. But he's Catholic. And married!

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- July 22, 2005 9:16 AM // Diaspora , Select , TV