Anand Chandrasekaran, in addition to a scorching career as a Bay Area entrepreneur, is proving himself to be a real renaissance man. He is the executive producer of Carma, the feature debut of self-taught filmmaker and former Bay Area resident Ray Wang. The synopsis is as follows:

Taking place 04/04/04 over the course of four days, CARMA is a chilling American tale about an abandoned car haunted by psychopathic killer's dead mother. Trapped in the car, the spirit of the deceased Kate Burns (the voice of Academy Award nominee Karen Black) encounters four average Americans who each discover and use the car for their own personal gain. But Kate has other plans, namely a reunion with her son, recently escaped convict Norm Burns.

Sounds suitably chilling! You can find a teaser trailer here. The film is going on the festival circuit next year.

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- November 30, 2005 9:42 PM // Bay Area , Film