Cary and Doris

Sometimes, desis will pop up in the oddest of places. In this particular instance, in the middle of North By Northwest, we are treated to the sight of Cary Grant spending some quality screen time with "UN Reception Girl" aka Doris Singh. Click on image for bigger picture. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much on Doris, other than that link.

Of course, finding Indians in Hollywood films is not particularly easy now but back in those pre-Civil Rights days, even Yetis were more visible. Perhaps Hitch wanted some ethnic flavor what with Cary Grant heading into the UN building and all. There was one exception to this scarcity of course: Sabu, the first desi to make it big in Hollywood, pre-dating Kal Penn by a couple of decades.

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- November 1, 2005 1:12 AM // Diaspora , Film