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Last week, we were talking to Anand Chandrasekaran about the difficulties of getting an indie flick noticed, let alone distributed. Typically, you submit a film to the festival circuit and hope to pick up representation and, if you're lucky, some type of distribution. The producer's rep is invaluable in this process, particularly in the USA. Filmmaker explains:

Regardless of whether filmmakers are hoping to cover a new Saab or just back rent, when faced with the job of selling their film, most still wind up in the arms of the one person who might be best able to broker that big-ticket deal - the producer's rep.

"producer's rep" has become a catchall term for an agent, manager or anybody who works on selling a film," says Ruth Vitale, co-president of Paramount Classics, the distributor of You Can Count on Me and The Virgin Suicides. "[producer's reps] know the business, know the players, and can give the production team guidance where they need it."

According to attorney and longtime rep John Sloss of Cinetic Media, who has repped such indie milestones as Boys Don't Cry, Ulee's Gold and, more recently, [Michael Almereyda's] Hamlet and [Richard Linklater's] Waking Life, the producer's rep has to be something of a chameleon. "The ideal producer's rep would actually be two people," Sloss says. "One is the ingratiating good cop who beats the drum for a movie and is all of the distributors' best friends. The other is the quote-unquote bad cop, strategizing behind the scenes and manipulating interest, once created, to obtain the most beneficial deal for the filmmaker."

Getting a good producer rep is tough, particularly for an unknown. In that case, they won't even talk to you unless the film gets into a reputable festival. But, a good producer's rep can also help you get into one. Bit of a catch-22 situation there! That didn't stop the Carma team of director Ray Arthur Wang and Anand from upending the order of things and approaching top producer reps directly for Carma. And it paid off:

CARMA Signs Prominent Producers' Representative Harris E. Tulchin Thursday December 15, 5:34 pm ET

Gripping Debut Film From Director Ray Arthur Wang (RAW) and RAW Power Productions Teams Up With Top Producers' Representative En-Route to World Premiere

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Dec 15, 2005 -- Raw Power Productions, Inc. announced that it has teamed up with Harris Tulchin and Associates, prominent producers' representatives, to release the company's debut feature length film, the thriller CARMA, featuring Academy Award nominee Karen Black.

Harris Tulchin has repped such films as Monster, the Charlize Theron starrer, so this is quite a coup for Carma. Impressive!

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- December 20, 2005 10:09 AM // Film