NRIs and Cricket

In this Time (Asia edition) article about the lucrative market for cricket in India, comes this nugget:

Even in the U.S., cricket is catching on. There, pay-per-view cable subscribers forked out roughly $50 million to watch the 2005 Test series between India and Pakistan, making the U.S. the third-biggest revenue source for that tournament. (The ICC says those statistics are partly explained by 2 million ethnic South Asians living in the U.S.)

$50 million? $50 freakin' million?!! I've always wondered about the entertainment purchasing power of the "South Asian" demographic and this is a hard data point. For reference purposes, a Bollywood movie is doing really well in the USA (at least in the NRI market) if it makes about $1M in the theatres. For example, Black, according to ibosnetwork made close to that. Of course, the DVD sales figures are unknown - it's probably fair to double the movie earnings to come at a combined amount (say $2M). Compared to that, $50 million is heavy considering the pay per view channel is only available on DISH, something for which you need to install an additional external receiver pointing in the right direction! I wonder what's the revenue stream from an online streaming concern like that many desis use as a substitute for satelite TV. Still, not too shabby, eh?

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- March 9, 2006 7:59 PM // Diaspora