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For a man with no released films, Anurag Kashyap may be the single most talked about director in Bollywood. The acclaimed writer of Satya which jump started the Bollywood underworld crime genre in the late '90s and Kaun, a daring three hour thriller with three actors, multiple twists and zero songs, has seen two of his own creations languish in limbo. His debut, Paanch, a dark tale of a dysfunctional rock band is stuck in censor hell. His followup, the excellent Black Friday, has been stayed by the Supreme Court of India. Anurag was in LA recently for the Indian Film Festival of LA where DesiTrain caught up with him. Some excerpts:

Before Paanch

There was desperation and frustration with Bollywood. Anurag wanted to make movies but no one was interested in a non-entity. His desperation to make movies and earn an income led to him making various compromises courtesy the producers and financers.

On his other projects

Among the recent releases, he has written "Water" and "Mixed Doubles."

Most of his time is spent doing films for people who are new and have no money (his own words).

On the other hand he's offered obscene amounts of money by producers who approach him with Hollywood and Asian DVDs. They simply want Anurag to write copies of the originals.

Two of the copies he wrote for producers was "Main Aisa He Hoon" and "Kaante"

On the need for original writers in Bollywood

Bollywood does have many original writers. There is no shortage of talent. The problem is they have no "backing" and no financers who want to invest in new comers.

On where he learnt writing and directing

His main source for learning writing and directing was… movies and Batman comics. He did mention a few illustrators of comics, but I could not catch their names.

Anurag may have the largest personal DVD collection in India.

And, on a brighter note, there's this bit of info:

Paanch has been cleared by the Censors. And will most probably be released in June. Anurag also expects Black Friday to release around the same time.

His current project is Gulel and Mumbai blogger Kim has seen a rough print as part of a workshop Anurag conducted. You can find her impressions here.

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- April 28, 2006 4:03 PM // Bollywood