Tasteful Dishonor

Sorry, couldn't resist! Here's an article from Mid-Day regarding future plot points in an Indian TV serial. Apparently,

Sonal, the creative head for the show, confirmed that there would be a rape scene in the serial soon.

Well, it must be sweeps week over there then! But it's the "actress'" comments on this matter that has to be read to be believed:

Snigdha, too, confirmed the development. "Yes, we will be shooting a rape sequence."

It's a sequence, you see. Like a mathematical progression or a Japanese haiku.

"But I am not aware of Mihir's position on this. I will think about it, when I have to do it."

Position, eh? Are they trying to decide between the "yawning position", the "twining position", "the splitting of a bamboo" or just plain missionary?

"As an actress, I am required to be ready to deliver what's asked of me. However, I will make sure that it's done aesthetically, and is in good taste."

How does one film such a scene tastefully? Perhaps, the rapist will gently remove her clothing and fold them neatly before he proceeds? Just imagine:

The bed is a 16th century piece with chunky wooden bedposts carved by artisans from Jodhpur. The bed sheets are 300 thread count premium egyptian cotton and the walls are painted a soothing pashmina blue to evoke a sense of peace and harmony. Peacocks wander in the courtyard. Debussy or Beethoven's Midnight Sonata tinkles in the background.

It will be the classiest violation ever filmed.


Note:: Co-written with Amar Parikh.

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- May 19, 2006 7:41 PM // TV