US Military And Outsourcing

It's no secret the US Military is having trouble attracting new recruits. Amidst reports of rising recruiting violations, involuntary recalls of soldiers who have already served, there are the consequences of the maximum enlistment age being raised from 35 to 42:

Russell Dilling, 42, of San Antonio, and his 19-year-old son, Robert, had tears in their eyes as they hugged afterward. The younger Dilling graduated from basic training.

Russell Dilling is scheduled to finish Oct. 6 and is hoping his knees hold out. He wants to become a small arms repairman.

There is, however, one section of the population that's enrolling in record numbers:

...Emilio Gonzales, the director of the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, writes in today's San Diego Union-Tribune that record numbers of Hispanics are enlisting in the armed forces to gain citizenship. More than 40,000 "immigrants" serve in the armed forces today, doing the "job" in which others Americans seem uninterested.

Given that hispanics constitute a huge percentage of the illegal population in the USA, it's not surprising many would jump at the chance to become citizens. But guess who accounts for the largest percentage increase in the last five years? Sepia Mutiny has the scoop:

Mexico was the leading source country for unauthorized immigration with nearly 6.0 million residents in the United States in 2005. El Salvador, Guatemala, India, and China were the next leading source countries, accounting for a combined total of nearly 1.4 million unauthorized immigrants. Among the 10 leading source countries, the annual average increase in the unauthorized population from 2000 to 2005 was greatest among Mexican immigrants (260,000). However, the greatest percentage increase in the unauthorized immigrant population from 2000 to 2005 occurred among immigrants from India (133 percent) and Brazil (70 percent).

Given that there is still overwhelming interest in India to come to the USA, why not take advantage? Kevin Ryan, a US Military Brigadier General, has already done the math, so we don't have to. His proposal:

If the US Army placed one recruiting station in the capital of India, an English-speaking democracy of more than a billion people, we would have available a pool of enlistment-age adults equivalent to the entire population of the United States - more than 300 million men and women. Or, if we don't want to pay for a recruiting station in New Delhi, we could mail recruiting brochures to some of the 1 million foreign students who actually make it to America's colleges and institutes on temporary visas each year. Perhaps they would like to have their school debts paid along with guaranteed work.

Incredible. Magorn over at Daily Kos speculates what this might mean for Army Call Centers:

"Lima Charlie! this is Delta FOxtrot! we are under Heavy fire and need immediate Assistance"

"Hello my name is ...Frank...and I can help you with that, now what exactly seems to be the problem?"

"we are taking heavy fire from hostiles. I count at least three firing positons, they have small arms and RPGS"

"Okay. Have you tried Killing the Enemy?"

"We're pinned down, we can't get a clear shot, we need fire support immediately"

"okay . Are you Sure your Weapon is loaded? I'm going to give you the steps to ensure their are bullets in your gun. Ready?

  1. Remove the magazine from the chamber
  2. Count how many bullets are in the magazine-they are the long cylindrical objects
  3. If the magazine is empty replace with a fully loaded one.

Can you do that for me and tell me what happens?"


"Sir there is no reason to use abusive language, I will terminate this call if it continues"

Imagine the shenanigans at boot camp:

"Speak up boy - are you a steer or a queer?"


"You heard me! Are you a steer or a queer?"

"I'm Perumselva Pandiyan, Saar, Voracle expert."

And so on. Anyway, this proposal could well be a trial balloon, given the author's background. If so, let's see if it gains any traction. I doubt the Indian government would be willing to lose potential jawans so easily. It might end up as an fast-track-to-immigration reform kind of a thing.

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- August 23, 2006 4:16 PM // Politics