Back In Business ..

Phew, that was a month and a half! After sifting through oodles of hosting providers and picking one, the next step was the most daunting: moving the blogging platform. Alas, it was a step too far. I thought long and hard about leaving my long time partner (Movable Type) for a newer, sexier model (WordPress). It wasn't an easy decision. Reliability, sturdyness? Or prom queen popularity, glamour, glitz and user contributed goodness?

Okay, I admit it - I walked out the door. I took a test drive with my new trophy wife to be and I didn't want to come back. I shacked up with her for a week. But the highway of love is a lot tougher than it looks and rude reality butted in. What about custody rights? Styles? Themes? HTML code? There was no easy transfer, no quick solution. The manual was misleading. My new lover had led me on.

Beaten, I did the only thing a real man would do. I came crawling back. But would my forsaken lover take me back? Only, she'd taken care of herself while I was gone. She'd upgraded herself as well. She had other options too. It wasn't easy but an exhaustive nine hour session of pleading finally did the trick. I was back in.

Now, we're together again, ready to start the next phase of our life together. Sometimes though, I do stare out the window and wonder what could have been. Then, I think, well there are always dalliances elsewhere. My other site could use a new coat of paint ...

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- January 27, 2007 12:31 PM // DishumDishum , Technology