Colbert vs Bollywood & Viacom vs GooTube

A couple of days back, I posted two clips where Stepher Colbert of The Colbert Report ran through a celebrity matchup between the Big B (Amithabh Bachchan) and King Khan (Shahrukh Khan). Now, as it happens, The Colbert Report happens to be a show on Comedy Central which is owned by Viacom . The clips in question were posted to YouTube.

Unless you're tuning in from Ulan Bator, you can see where this is going. On Friday, Viacom asked Google owned YouTube to remove a whole bunch of clips from their site. YouTube evidently has complied. Speedily actually. The clips I linked to are no longer available. If you click on them, that's what it says. The funny part is this: as of the time this post was written, you can still find the same clips on Google Video! Here goes:

and ...

Nice. I wonder how many of the other clips that YouTube have taking down can still be found on Google Video? I'm sure GooTube can claim they are complying with Viacom's request - after all, Viacom asked clips to be removed from YouTube, not Google Video. Still, Google owns both services, so it can't be that difficult to remove titles from the in-house one, can it? Perhaps it's just the principle of it - after all, Google's position is they are doing nothing wrong, so why should they delete anything unless they are specifically asked to? Or perhaps they just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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- February 3, 2007 7:04 PM // Bollywood , Technology