Keepin' It Surreal, Desi Style

From Valleywag/PEHub comes this sad tale:

Sequoia Capital obtained a restraining order against Anand Lyer Vaidyanathan, an Iowa man who repeatedly tried to gain access to investor Michael Moritz at the firm’s Sand Hill Road Offices and later claimed he worked there.

Vaidyanathan went to Sequoia’s offices five times during the last week in October and the first week of November 2006, according to testimony from a private investigator hired by the firm. On his first visit, Vaidyanathan asked to meet with Moritz about an investment opportunity. On subsequent visits, he asked about employment at the firm. The receptionist asked him to leave, but he often remained in the lobby for extended periods of time.

Vaidyanathan returned on November 27, handed the receptionist his bank deposit slip and waited in the lobby while the Sequoia team called the police, according to the PI’s testimony. The police arrested Vaidyanathan for trespassing. At the time of his arrest, Vaidyanathan told police the receptionist had made a mistake: that he was actually an employee of Sequoia Capital, according to the PI’s testimony.

Given the rush of VC firms to invest in India lately, perhaps Mr. Vaidyanathan might have had more luck at Sequoia Capital's India offices in Bangalore. Uttering the magic words "middle class", "mobile" and "wi-max" seems to open quite a few doors in the overheated market down there ;-)

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- February 27, 2007 10:46 AM // Bay Area , Technology