World Cup in the Bay Area

The San Jose Mercury News writes:

Back in the day, Anupam Singh of San Jose would be among the hundreds of cricket fans lined up in front of Fremont's Naz8 Cinema, one of the Bay Area's biggest Indian movie theaters and one of the few places to watch cricket's world cup.

But in today's tech-driven society, there are a host of ways to watch the world's biggest cricket tournament, which started Tuesday in the Caribbean. Singh watched the West Indies-Pakistan match over the Internet while at work at Oracle.

Hundreds of cricket fans were expected at the Naz, but only about 15 showed up. Just two popped into Britannia Arms, the British pub in San Jose. Both venues are broadcasting the games for free.

I feel somewhat bad for Naz and these other establishments, but as soon as I walked into Yahoo's Santa Clara campus cafe area the other day, I knew my days of tracking down cafes, theaters and pubs across California were over: in the bright plasma displays lining the seating area, Sri Lanka were busy thrashing a hapless Bermuda. Yes! Yahoo would be showing all the World Cup matches! Attendance has been a tad sparse thus far, but just wait 'til India starts playing :-)

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- March 17, 2007 9:40 AM // Bay Area