Apu vs Abby II

So, post Apu vs Abby, a reader asked my reasons as to thanking Quentin when Naveen Andrews appears in the Robert Rodriguez directed section of Grindhouse, Planet Terror and not Death Proof, Tarantino's segment. Well, from all accounts, this was very much a joint project and, yes, Rodriguez has done a tremendous amount for the hispanic commiunity in terms of casting and more power to him. But, Quentin's gone out of his way in the past to create the United Colors of Benetton with his picks (Sonny Chiba, David Carradine, Lucy Liu, Pam Grier ... do I really have to go on?), so giving him the benefit of the doubt seemed the right choice. Plus, we have this:

Maybe actor Naveen Andrews has been "Lost" on a hit television drama for the past three seasons -- but he's not so far out of reach that a huge fan of the show can't pluck him off the mysterious island for a few hours to enjoy a wild trip to the "Grindhouse."

The fan is none other than pop culture nut Quentin Tarantino, who along with filmmaking buddy Robert Rodriguez has effectively recreated the experience of the B-movie dives of the 1970s '80s with the aptly-titled "Grindhouse." The bloody, back-to-back horror thrillers -- with fake trailers thrown in-between the double feature for good measure -- opens Friday in theaters nationwide.

Andrews, of course, plays Sayid on "Lost," one of the pivotal characters on the show since its inception in 2004, and he's thrilled that Tarantino's been tuning in.

I know that Robert was aware of 'Lost,' but Quentin was and is a big fan of the show," Andrews said in a recent @ The Movies interview.

There you go - straight from the brotha himself.

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- April 8, 2007 5:23 PM // Film