Desi Grocery Could Save Veronica Mars

Some of you might be familiar with Veronica Mars, the chick detective show that, after struggling for a couple of seasons, was finally dispatched to the great TV in the sky. However, dedicated fans, following the lead of another recently axed yet resurrected show, Jericho, have launched a campaign to bring their show back. In this, they've found a very unlikely ally indeed: an Indian grocery store based in Houston. Key here is the fact that a) TheIndianFoodStore has an online storefront and b) features British imports including candies. Yep, the idea is for fans to buy Mars bars from here and have them fedex'ed to the CW headquarters ASAP. The initial surge caught the store by surprise, but, to their credit, they adjusted quickly in true web 2.0 style. More info from their freshly launched "Bars From Mars" campaign:

I'll be honest, we've never watched the show before but WOW, we are impressed! Your enthusiasm and support for the show has awed us all! I have been in contact with some of you in the past day or two and I realized how powerful this has become! Apparently, CBS's Jericho had a similar campaign and it worked! I'm fired up to make this work too!

If you are curious, we are a small family business located in Houston, TX that just recently started our online operations. We have been importing from India and England for several years now and primarily distribute to retail stores and grocery stores around the country. We have yet to become profitable in this aspect of our operation, but this publicity will certainly help! More importantly, I am so happy that I am involved in this, especially since I have been able to communicate with so many fans directly. Once things settle down a little, I'll be sure to watch all of the shows in the past seasons!

As we attempt to inform you with updates on the Amazon website, we are calling all distributors we know around the country trying to buy Mars Bars. (We had to raise the prices $.20 just to reflect this, so we apologize for this!). I've created this blog to get fans to post their comments and give us suggestions on how we can improve this. We've only got until Monday to make this work since it will take some time for FedEx to arrive to their facility! (By the way, can anyone get a video of the FedEx driver pulling into the CW facility so we can show all the fans?)

And in a later update, they inform us they are now considering Snickers Almond Bars:

Someone in the comment section gave us a suggestion that Snickers Almond Bars are the same as Mars Bars and they prominently display a "Mars" logo. If the majority agrees, we can try to arrange 4-5 thousand bars of that and send it along with this big shipment. Of course, these are more readily available (and cheaper!) than the Mars Bars. So, if everyone can give us a show of support for this, we can look into it and get it (hopefully!) arranged. Once the Mars bars run out, we will lower the price, of course, to reflect the lower cost.

Fast turnaround indeed! I was never a big fan of the show myself but my best wishes to the enterprising fans, the producers and to the little desi store that could.

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- June 7, 2007 7:51 PM // Food , TV