"Going to New Orleans, eh?", asked our cabbie.
"Yes," I replied.
"You must be crazy, man!" was his response. "It's still flooded down there."
My wife and I looked at each other.
"Not that I know of."
"Tell you what," the cabbie said, "give me a call when you return. I wanna hear this."

Well, in the spirit of pictures saving thousands of words of writing, here are a couple of snaps from our trip.

BeignetsBeignets from the Cafe Du Monde are of course a NOLA staple.

French QuarterThis is not tourist season in NOLA - a big reason is the weather which can get hot and muggy. This French Quarter street corner, though, is at its best in broad daylight, sunstroke be damned.

Ferry BuildingLooking for some shade? This is inside the Ferry Building - the ferry runs to Algiers and it's free!

Katrina DevastationDespite two years having elapsed since Katrina, NOLA is still one major hurricane away from a repeat. A big reason is due to the fundmantal flaws in the construction of the levees themselves. Repair is ongoing but those only address the ones that broke.

Bob French and BandMusic still flows in NOLA. This is Bob French and Band at dba's. Paraphrasing him: "The federal government gave us nothing, the people did. The state government gave us nothing, the people did."

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- August 24, 2007 1:01 PM // Travel