"Devi Brown" Plays At Third I South Asian Film Fest

Devi Brown

Do join us for the first public screening of Devi Brown.

About "Devi Brown"

What happens when blaxploitation meets Bollywood? Deshploitation of course! "Devi Brown" is a masala mashup, a trailer for a non existent film where the wah wah is seasoned liberally with doses of old school dishum dishum. Pack the funk in your Ambassador trunk with "Devi Brown!"

Credits: written, directed and produced by Soam and Shari Acharya
Length: 4 minutes 15 seconds
Year: 2007
Site: http://www.dishumdishum.com/archives/devi_brown/

Screening Details

Organizer: San Francisco South Asian Film Festival
Venue: 7:00 pm, Friday November 16th, Victoria Theater, San Francisco
Admission: $9
Program: Local South Asian short films
Link: http://www.thirdi.org/festival/film/shorts.htm

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- October 20, 2007 2:39 PM // Devi Brown