Vanaja Part II

Earlier, I wrote about Vanaja, the little indie Indian film that could. Even though it's budgeted at around $20K, I'd always wondered how such a film would be able to recoup its costs, thinking it to be tales of credit card debt and blood donation money that the director would later recount in his (or her) memoirs. I was speaking to Ivan Jaigirdar from 3rd I the other day and he pointed out Vanaja might have earned back its initial outlay already. "How?", I hear you ask. Well, film festivals pay you a small honorarium once they accept your film which is typically around a couple of hundred bucks. Multiply this by the 85 or so festivals where Vanaja played and you can see why Ivan was right. There's serious chump change involved here. Of course, this only really works with microbudget films but still!

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- October 6, 2007 9:33 AM // Film