Rajesh Is Like Steve

A headnod to Scrubs, consistently one of the funniest and most integrated shows on TV. Scrubs may not feature desis or other Asians in the meatiest roles, but it never condescends to any race, not the colored ones anyway. Engaged as I was in a quest to name my son, I found the following exchange particularly hilarious. This is from Season 6, episode 3 ("My Coffee"):

Scrubs Season 6

[JD and Turk have just finished a game of basketball]

JD: Man we got smoked. That's what you get for playing a bunch of Gs from the hood.

Turk: Those guys are Indian.

JD: So Rajesh isn't one of those cool black homie names like Anfernee?

Turk: No, Rajesh is like Steve in India

JD: Oh.

Turk: Yeah.

Scrubs Season 6

[Later in the scene]

Vijay: Could you guys look at my shoulder? I tweaked it pretty good

JD: Come on Vijay, first you dunk on me and yell "who's your bitch!" and now you want free medical advice. How did I not know these guys were Indian?

[Vijay holds out some money]

Vijay: I'll give you 20 bucks!

JD: I am sorry my friend, that's just unethical.

[Vijay turns to Turk who takes the money]

Turk: Done and done!

Free medical advice indeed. Ha ha!

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- December 10, 2007 11:47 PM // Diaspora , TV