Pyaare Posters II

Happy New Year everybody! There were a couple more posters I wanted to share, so here goes. First, we have David Fincher's Zodiac. It's become cliche for any Bay Area related visual to feature the Golden Gate bridge in some way, shape or form. We've seen the bridge in twilight, at night, in the morning and various points in between. Yet, the poster for Zodiac, which takes place in San Francisco, still manages to take a familiar landmark and imbue it with a sense of atmospheric dread. Very fitting for a film about a serial killer.

On a much lighter and saucier note, here's the poster for The Rules of Attraction. Ideal if your idea of fun involves stuffed toys in various compromising positions. Yet, given that the film concerns itself with the shenanigans of over-hormonized students at a New England college, pictures of bunnies getting it on are not entirely inappropriate!

The third poster, Shaft In Africa>, is more straightforward and straight outta the blaxploitation movement. Sticking it to the Man indeed!

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- January 6, 2008 6:50 PM // Film