A Book Of Epigrams

Family friend, Mike Lipsey's I Thought So: A Book of Epigrams, is now available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is, as the title indicates, a collection of pithy words of wisdom from Michael himself. Let me list some of my favorites here. Hopefully, that'll give you an idea of what the book contains:

What am I doing this weekend?
Must I always be doing?

Your house is thinking,
"These people too shall pass."

I see a crying infant in the face of the angry man.

We carry our ethnic heritage like an invisible costume.

Nonviolence works well against pacifists.

Jobs have grown wings.

We sink financially in order to rise socially.

Football is hard bodies colliding on the screen and soft ones sinking into the sofa.

We were told we were winning the Vietnam war until the last Americans were helicoptered off the roof of the embassy.

There are sections on Life, Wealth, Religion, Politics and more. All in all, a lovely collection of quick verbal pick-me-ups, particularly when you're feeling a little jaded with the world.

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- April 26, 2008 12:40 PM // Books