Back From LA LA Land

Just returned from a four day stay in LA. Some desi related flotsam and jetsam:

Jamie Masada (of Laugh Factory) and Jon Lovitz Yuk It Up At OnHollywood 2008

This was a session on the current state of online comedy. I was surprised to hear numerous references to desi-Canuck comedian Russell Peters. Apparently, his shows sell out regularly everywhere and it's all because of The Internets!

Holy Cow Restaurant

Near to West Hollywood where we were staying. Love the name and the logo. Food was just OK though.

Tattoo Stand Picture - Venice Beach Boardwalk

"Om" has many meanings, one of which is "Welcome to the Gods." Can the location of this particular one be taken to mean "Welcome to My Mammaries?"

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- June 14, 2008 4:47 PM // Food , Technology , Travel