Aishwarya Rai PSA Poster

Amar Parikh e-mails:

So guys, I took the kid to the public library here in Nutley, NJ, last week. We were wandering aimlessly somewhere between Juvenile Biography and Children's Literature when I came upon this PSA from Ms. Rai. She must have some really good reps. She hasn't done much in this country and yet she's been on Oprah and Letterman, in Revlon commercials and now, presumably, in public libraries across America.

But the poster would mean nothing to an American kid. It probably has the same impact as a poster of, say, Gerard Depardieu in rural Bihar warning kids about the dangers of drinking water from mud puddles.

Note: Ms. Rai-Bachchan appears as part of the Celebrity READ campaign which places posters in libraries encouraging kids to read - an effort, that at first appearance, seems analogous to putting "Please Eat" signs in restaurants or "Definitely Shop" signs in malls. But they seem to work apparently and include such other noted persons of letters as Shaq, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Colin Farrell and Bernie Mac.

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- July 16, 2008 11:19 AM // Bollywood , Diaspora