Desi Spam

Usually, I ignore my gmail spam - I don't even see the spam on my Yahoo mailboxes since they have the option of directly depositing everything they deem unacceptable to the trash folder. Since gmail doesn't, I occasionally will scroll through to see if there's been any false positives - it's happened once or twice.

Wading through the spate of announcements attempting to zero in on a host of male insecurities, I was struck by what seemed to be a recent development in the names of the senders. These are utterly bogus of course, often being a random combination. It was funny though to see desi names in the mix. I include some salient ones:

chuck pradeep
hermie raj
ignacio giridhar
killy deepak
dalston prasad
engelbert nikhil
kleon shashi

I am sure these names are but further attempts to fool the mail filters of the world. Still, it's always good to see a dash of curry powder in a block of spam. Ignacio Giridhar and Engelbert Nikhil actually sound quite space agey.

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- July 4, 2008 7:14 PM // General