Amusing Airport Codes II

Recall I recently wrote about some of the funnier airport codes? One of them, Sioux City, aka SUX, has now decided to embrace its status wholeheartedly:

Now, though, Sioux City is trying to get in on the joke. Bernstein is making T-shirts - and a lot of other stuff - emblazoned with "Fly SUX." (Remember, that's pronounced "S-U-X," not "sucks.")

It all begin as a lark last fall, when Bernstein, who sits on the airport's Board of Trustees, had about a dozen of the T-shirts printed for some local travel agents at an appreciation dinner. Soon he was deluged with requests for them, including one from the president and CEO of Northwest Airlines, Douglas Steenland.

Since then, the line of Fly SUX merchandise has grown to include caps, coffee mugs, luggage tags, and bumper stickers.

"Let's exploit it rather than let it bother us," said Luanne Lindblade, the owner of Sioux City Gifts, the company marketing the Fly SUX merchandise. "We have always believed, 'Why fight it? Why not have fun with it?' "


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- August 11, 2008 9:31 PM // General , Travel