Copywood Part II

Raja Sen writes about Ghajini:

For director AR Murugadoss [Images] doesn't take that 'story' credit lightly: He's taken the Memento plot, set its non-linearity into chronological order, taken out the actual investigative intrigue and replaced it with a series of convenient coincidences and -- this one's the clincher -- added a full-blown backstory about how the hero met and fell in love with the murder victim, complete with a bunch of songs. It's hard work making good masala, for God's sake.

Why, that's inspiring! I have another idea just like it: a man meets a woman. They have some very steamy encounters. The woman happens to be married. The woman persuades the man to kill her wealthy husband. They arrange to escape together after the fact. Only, you see, the woman has been leading the man on all along. She gets away and the man gets all the blame. That sounds like a good film, right? Why, it could even be set in Florida? But wait! Why not move the setting to Pondicherry? While you're at it, make sure the leads keep their clothes firmly on throughout the film. But, insert many songs of lust and longing to compensate. And oh yeah, make sure the woman doesn't get away with it. She must die in the end along with the hapless man.

You say it's been done already? Darn!

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- December 27, 2008 4:43 PM // Bollywood