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Make no mistake, Radio Retaliation have built themselves a justified rep as one of the leading purveyors of sonic bliss-outs and their headlining of the Sea Of Dreams New Years Eve event at the San Francisco concourse is utterly deserved. I, however, have to take issue with this paragraph in their recent Chronicle writeup where:

...the group has a fresh way of working dub into its mix. For instance, Garza notes that on old Bollywood soundtracks, "you kind of feel it's missing that low bass." On "Mandala," a track from the new album, Thievery Corporation rectifies that omission with help from sitar master Anoushka Shankar.

First of all, mixing dub and old Bollywood sountracks is nothing new. Just think of Bally Sagoo's 1995 effort, Bollywood Flashback. Consider his remake of Chura Liya from that album :

If you didn't hear any bass you played it on your tinny computer speakers. The subsonic notes on that track are so deep, they'll shake the floor when played over the right sound system. Additionally, just to make sure you get the dub connection, Mr. Sagoo ensures the prominent presence of dreadlocked gentlemen in the video.

Second, there's nothing really retro Bollywood about Mandala - if anything, it sounds more like something that Ananda Shankar, Ravi's nephew, would put out in his '70s glory days alongside his 'Jumping Jack Flash' remakes. Indian classical and Bollywood are not interchangeable.

Nice track though. I wonder if we can expect Anoushka to build upon this and provide the sitar'n'bass treatments to Fall Out Boy classics.

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- December 20, 2008 5:24 PM // Bollywood , Music