Electric Panties and Bollywood

Indulge me for a second if you will. Salon has an article on the phenomenon of edible underwear in Syria and before you get carried away by prurient thoughts, consider that the main consumers usually:

..tend to be mothers buying underwear for their soon-to-be-married daughters. "Most of them are religious and wear veils and long coats," says Abu Adnan, who sells lingerie a few stores further along. It's a tradition that a Syrian bride brings a whole suitcase full of underwear when she gets married, he explains, adding that the new popularity of sexy underwear has a practical application.

Nonetheless, further description of the inventory in the stores revealed some interesting kinks:

On Hayed's stand, respectable push-up bras sit next to exotic models. One bra consists of two bird nests, outfitted with miniature sparrows. Above that is a design where plastic roses conceal the wearer's charms. There is a whole collection of electronically enhanced panties in which a button is attached at strategically important places. When it is pushed, lights flash, or a hidden device plays Arabic love songs.

I couldn't help but think that if, instead of Arabic warbling, these, uh, devices played back stuff from Bollywood's rich catalog of mohabattein related music? Or if there was a desi version, perhaps inspired by the Pink Chaddi Brigade? What kind of tunes would be appropriate? Some were no-brainers, so as to speak. Consider:

  • Choli Ke Peeche roughly translated as "what's behind the choli?"
  • Purdah Hai Purdah - "Curtain oh curtain"
  • Ghagre Mein Dhoom Dham - "Lotsa happening behind the ghagra"

Others might be more straightforward expressions of pure joy, eg.:

  • Singh Is Kinng
  • Dil Chahta Hai - "What the heart wants"
  • Dhoom - "Excitement."

Send me more. Be happy to add them to the list.

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- April 20, 2009 10:56 PM // Bollywood