He Jindaled It Up

Yikes! I didn't realize Bobby Jindal had made to the urban dictionary:

1. jindal - (verb) To get your 15 minutes of fame and royally fuck it up, especially on national television.

He jindaled that speech so badly that even Fox News trashed him.

2. Jindal - To really screw up a big opportunity.

Good luck on that job interview; I hope you don't jindal it!

These are references to Mr. Jindal's absolutely craptacular rejoinder to Obama's State of The Union address. Doubtless, they were put there by some wags from the Bobby Jindal Is Kenneth The Page Facebook fanclub (at 19485, roughly half the size of the 40648 members of Americans For Bobby Jindal).

Meanwhile, Mr. Jindal continues to be as hypocritical as ever, claiming credit for stimulus grants funded with money he once vehemently opposed. Born again Republican, that Bobby.

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- July 21, 2009 6:16 PM // Politics