Photographing Kids..

.. isn't easy as Bill Watterson fondly chronicled in so many strips for the iconic Calvin & Hobbes. Examples abound. Here are two:

Calvin & Hobbes

As for us, we find our Coolpix to be a handy enough device yet utterly incapable of capturing Virj as he buzzes about his daily routine. Most of his stills are serendipitous, usually taken when he's been severely restrained or staring in wonder at something he's seeing for the first time. An illustration of how difficult it can be:

Yet, the rewards, at least from our standpoint, can be considerable. A snap from our recent trip to Portland and Seattle taken on the Amtrak Cascades service:

Perhaps the time has come to either invest in faster equipment or at least try to repair some of our older cameras. Living in a disposable society with a penchant for consuming products with built in obsolescence, the latter may not be so easy. We'll see. Surely the recession will spur more recycling and retention.

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- July 3, 2009 5:37 PM // Virj