Recently, courtesy Kaushik M, I've discovered Soundcloud, a thriving community of musicians and DJs. The site takes a somewhat Yelp-like approach to music, making it very easy to share, comment on, find and download tracks. Manna from heaven, particularly if you're into DJ sets, electronica and various types of dance styles. I am sure there are more genres but these, at first glance, seem to dominate.

Here's Kaushik's latest on Soundcloud, a remix of Jazzanova's I Can See (source material derived from a contest held by SoundCloud a while back:

Jazzanova - I Can See - Kaushik M. Edit  by  KaushikM

The funny thing is, as Kaushik himself will tell you, he added no new instrumentation - it's all derived from the original track. Yet, it's amazing how rearranging and new effects can make such a dramatic difference. In my ears, this version sounds much groovier than the original.

Ending with a track from Peter Kruder of G-Stone and Kruder & Dorfmeister

The Law Of Return  by  peterkruder
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- December 24, 2009 11:31 PM // Music