Crocs Fail

Here is a snapshot of the Crocs store in South City mall in Kolkata.

In this picture, we have two salespeople inside the store. They are idle.

We have one salesperson stepping outside the store. He is not idle.

He is rushing to prevent us from taking a picture of the store.

Why? Fear of terrorists reccing the target? Copycats stealing storefront designs? Paranoia? Irrational camera hatred? All we know is we've seen this before - it is very difficult to publicly take images of any kind in a Kolkata mall (you can always sneak the pictures, nothing stopping you from doing that!). In Croc's case though, you think they'd make an exception:

Reports about the company's future look bleak -- it lost $185.1 million last year, shed 2,000 jobs, and revenue in the first quarter of 2009 declined by 32 percent. And yes, you read that right -- they had grown so big so quickly that they laid off 2,000 people. Just three years ago, Crocs went public in a splashy stock offering, raising $200 million; now it trades at about three bucks a share, down from a high of nearly $70 in October 2007.

Come on fellas, you need all the viral love you can get.

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- January 2, 2010 7:41 PM // India