Marketing To Asians

From Pineapple Express:

The San Francisco Giants are one organization that seems to understand that Asians aren't a monolithic group. Or that Asians automatically imply only those hailing from the Pacific Rim countries. Part of the GIants' 2009 marketing campaign targeting Asian Americans in the Bay Area involved organizing separate theme nights for each community complete with "exclusive" tchotchkes.

All events apparently featured pre and in-game "cultural entertainment." Not sure exactly what those were. However, I thought it would be interesting to list all the promos on offer and see how they differed.

Indian Heritage Night:

"Come be a part of the Second Annual Indian Heritage Night Celebration! The San Francisco Giants have partnered with the National Federation of Indian American Associations and the Hindu American Foundation and are thrilled to be hosting this event during the 2009 season, kicking off Asian Heritage Week!"

"Your package will also include a very special Indian / Hindi themed Giants t-shirt"

Chinese Heritage Night;

With the purchase of this special ticket package at only $20.00, you will not only get to sit in the Chinese Heritage Night section but will receive a unique gift to commemorate your trip to the park - a Lou Seal themed Lion Dancing bobblehead!"

Korean Heritage Night:

"When you purchase your ticket for a special price of $20.00, you will get to experience the pre-game AND in-game cultural entertainment, special seating in the Korean Heritage Night section as well as a Giants/Korean headband and thundersticks."

Japanese Heritage Night:

"When you buy the $20.00 ticket package you will receive a limited edition Giants themed Sake Set, a Sake Tasting Punch-Card which allows you five free tastings AND a seat in the Japanese Heritage Night section. Further details on pre-game party to posted shortly."

Filipino Heritage Night:

"For only $20 you will get a seat in the Filipino Heritage Night section, cultural entertainment prior to and throughout the game, and a special edition Filipino-themed Giants T-shirt (right)"

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