"My Name Is Khan" US BO

is strong. From Variety:

At the specialty B.O., Fox Searchlight's Bollywood offering "My Name is Khan" scored the frame's highest per-screen average with $15,500, earning a total $1.9 million at 120 locations. "Khan" ranks as the biggest opening of a Bollywood film in the U.S.

The irony here is that a Bollywood film, opening on Valentine's Day in the USA, isn't actually only about love, pyaar or mohabbat. Rather, it's also about

a Muslim (Khan) who travels around the U.S. inspiring people.

Said character is said to suffer from Asperger's. But I am sure there's no resemblance to Forrest Gump anywhere.

Interestingly enough, of the recent Bollywood films to achieve major releases (via distribution deals with Fox Searchlight, amongst others), Chandni Chowk To China's total US gross is around $920K or so and Ghajini's would be a little under $2.5M. Looks like My Name Is Khan will do much better.

Update: A more recent tally for the weekend -

At the specialty B.O., Fox Searchlight saw big turnouts for its Oscar-nommed "Crazy Heart" with four-day estimates totaling $5 million at 1,005 locations. Distrib's "My Name is Khan" scored the highest opening for a Bollywood film in the U.S. with $2.3 million at 102 for a per-screen average of $18,958.

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- February 14, 2010 9:01 PM // Bollywood