Virj's Modeling Assignment

Last weekend, we went out to an elementary school in San Francisco's Excelsior district for a photoshoot featuring Virj and a couple of other kids or should I say modelettes? This was for Nohi Kids, a new boutique baby clothes store in the city featuring the output of Janel Jones, a local designer. Heidi, Virj's photographer, was clearly a natural in handling kids. She had four of her own, all boys. That certainly helped!

Here's a representative shot:

It was an overcast, cold day but that does not seem to have been a hindrance to either the subject or the photographer. Extracting useful shots is difficult with children, particularly extremely active ones like Virj. However, he was much more compliant this time around perhaps because we found an entire array of sidewalk chalk markers for him in the school playground. You don't see the chalk in his hand but his "art" is all over the school entrance pavement. At least until the latest bout of rain...

Virj's Afro gets him a lot of attention in the USA. During this shoot, for example, we heard several times about his "unique look." During our trip to Kolkata, on the other hand, such comments were scant. Rather, we received many polite and not so polite inquiries about when his haircut was coming next.

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- February 23, 2010 5:37 PM // Bay Area , Virj