#IndianMoviesTaught - A Choice Collection

I can't do justice to them all but the meme #IndianMoviesTaught on twitter is a hoot and a half. I put together a quick collection. Had to leave creds out to make it more readable (but thanks to bhalomanush for staying on top of most of 'em). Enjoy!

#IndianMoviesTaught me that God listens to your prayers when u go to the mandir and yell at Him

#indianMoviesTaught me that the thing I am missing in my real life is the background score!

#indianmoviestaught that every christian guy is mostly named peter or michael and d dialogs suffixed with a "man"..tum kya karta hai man!

#IndianMoviesTaught me that ma ke haath ke gajjar ka halwa is the best!!

#IndianMoviesTaught that if you are a famous south Indian hero, you will become the CM of your state soon.

#indianmoviestaught me that I should address my husband by saying "Aji Sunte Ho?"

#IndianMoviesTaught me that the Indian villain is always the host & chairperson of the International Gangster Meet

#IndianMoviesTaught me that putting a fake mole on ur cheek leaves u unrecognisable & is an efficient way of disguise...

#IndianMoviesTaught that everything can be blamed on daru consumption (liquor) http://bit.ly/99rfx7
#IndianMoviesTaught The bomb won't explode even if you cut ANY one of the wires (blue / red).

#IndianMoviesTaught me that if you say a sentence in english, it has to repeated in hindi immediately after

#indianmoviestaught when judge gives a wrong decision against hero, the scales in the hand of blindfold statue go down one side

#IndianMoviesTaught mere paas maaaaaaaa hai ...

#IndianMoviesTaught me that when a bee pollinates a flower, a human child is born.

#indianmoviestaught me that a Harward MBA writes his diary in Hindi

#IndianMoviesTaught me ladies much prefer throat nuzzling to kissing.

#indianmoviestaught that kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hain

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- March 31, 2010 1:10 PM // Bollywood , Diaspora