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May 27, 2010

Review LOL

Sex and The City 2 has been garnering almost universally derisive reviews. Now, I am no fan of the original franchise and I thank the stars Shari isn't either. However, it has been interesting to see the novel approaches critics are taking to savage the film. I found James Berardinelli's takedown particularly insightful, especially the following lines:

It's astounding how a movie this long could accomplish so little. Sex and the City 2 could qualify as fashion porn - there are endless images of dresses, shoes, jewelry, and so forth - and plenty of shopping spree money shots. There are times when director Michael Patrick King's cameras linger on the wardrobe and accessories rather than on the actors, establishing clearly (as if there was ever a doubt) where his preferences lie.

He could have been talking about pretty much any big budget Bollywood masala flick, at least up to mid 2000s.

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- May 27, 2010 9:24 PM // Bollywood , Film , Review

May 7, 2010

Virj and Puddles

Shari's writeup. Need I say more?

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- May 7, 2010 5:37 PM // Virj

May 2, 2010

Band On The Rack

Recently, I came across Life In A .. Metro, a nice enough paean to the joys and sorrows of living in a big, soulless city - in this case, Mumbai. No bring-the-action-to-a-standstill dance tamasha here, the film being part of the wave of what I call multiplex films. Instead, the director asked a rock band to take one for the team, inserting them into the film periodically to underscore poignant moments. They look like they really suffered for their art. If you examine the frames closely, a subtext emerges. Here we go.

We first meet the band during the opening sequences and look! They are drenched already. They don't look very happy right from the beginning.

Life In A Metro - Band 01

Can you feel the pain? You know he can. Also, I presume PortaPotties were scant at the shoot.

Life In A Metro - Band 02

Now the director has put them on a windy rooftop. Without any railings. The poor lead singer looks close to being swept away.

Life In A Metro - Band 03

Next, we see them in train station, trying to hold on against an oncoming crush of commuters. This is tough to watch.

Life In A Metro - Band 04

And another round of indiginity. Performing next to a construction site and ladders? Can you say bad luck?

Life In A Metro - Band 05

As if that wasn't enough, look at the poor band's mode of transportation! Rickety motor bikes rushing at top speed. My, my. That doesn't look very safe at all. Whatever happened to tour buses?

Life In A Metro - Band 06

After all of this, can you blame the rest of the cast for being sympathetic? Some start to feel the pain for themselves.

Life In A Metro - Band 07

Having had enough, the band tries to make a quiet getaway. Inasmuch as the harmonica playing will allow...

Life In A Metro - Band 08

Caught! And punished! Poor band now has to play sitting in the bay.

Life In A Metro - Band 09

Finally, the director dumps the band back in the station where they have to perform just to pick up enough loose change for their fare. Shame!

Life In A Metro - Band 10

There really should have been a disclaimer "No Bands Were Harmed During The Making Of This Film" but now we are left to wonder about their fate. Will the Poor Little Brave Band That Could make it back home safely? Will there be a sequel to their story? Kudos, brave band, kudos.

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- May 2, 2010 10:58 AM // Bollywood , Humour , Music