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December 22, 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt 3

I've been away entirely too long. I plead a soul depleting life crushing workload over the past six months or so. However, as the year draws to a close and the rains threaten to wash away the Bay, I find the need to slow down, pause and give thanks to:

  • Shari and Virj for putting up with my "here but not here" routine for entirely too long.
  • Rhapsody and the iPod Touch. Long live the "Download" feature whereby Phoenix, Cee Lo, Earth, Wind & Fire and Dub Colossus can snuggle next to the Dev.D soundtrack and I don't have to feel guilty about it.
  • The San Francisco Giants for putting back the "able" in improbable and for Kruk, Kuip, Jon Miller and Dave Flemming oozing dark honey via broadcast radio to make those long nights spent wrestling with systems and servers that much more palatable.
  • 3 Idiots, Rocket Singh and The Loins of Punjab Presents for light at the end of a long, very noisy, melodramatic, overacted tunnel. RIP Manish Acharya.
  • Yelp for pointing out that hole in the wall eatery I would have passed by a million times otherwise.
  • Netflix for providing the cheapest legal crack available, Instantwatcher for highlighting newest doses and Roku for a lethal delivery system.
  • 30 Rock, Modern Family, Slings & Arrows, Glee, Damages, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Life On Mars (BBC).
  • What little yoga I did (thanks to Diane for making it count) and SportsTherapy in Burlingame for coaxing my back into normalcy.
  • Those of you who stayed in touch through it all. You know who you are.

Slim pickings this year in general. Here's to next year being that much more richer.

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- December 22, 2010 6:48 PM // DishumDishum