Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt 3

I've been away entirely too long. I plead a soul depleting life crushing workload over the past six months or so. However, as the year draws to a close and the rains threaten to wash away the Bay, I find the need to slow down, pause and give thanks to:

  • Shari and Virj for putting up with my "here but not here" routine for entirely too long.
  • Rhapsody and the iPod Touch. Long live the "Download" feature whereby Phoenix, Cee Lo, Earth, Wind & Fire and Dub Colossus can snuggle next to the Dev.D soundtrack and I don't have to feel guilty about it.
  • The San Francisco Giants for putting back the "able" in improbable and for Kruk, Kuip, Jon Miller and Dave Flemming oozing dark honey via broadcast radio to make those long nights spent wrestling with systems and servers that much more palatable.
  • 3 Idiots, Rocket Singh and The Loins of Punjab Presents for light at the end of a long, very noisy, melodramatic, overacted tunnel. RIP Manish Acharya.
  • Yelp for pointing out that hole in the wall eatery I would have passed by a million times otherwise.
  • Netflix for providing the cheapest legal crack available, Instantwatcher for highlighting newest doses and Roku for a lethal delivery system.
  • 30 Rock, Modern Family, Slings & Arrows, Glee, Damages, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Life On Mars (BBC).
  • What little yoga I did (thanks to Diane for making it count) and SportsTherapy in Burlingame for coaxing my back into normalcy.
  • Those of you who stayed in touch through it all. You know who you are.

Slim pickings this year in general. Here's to next year being that much more richer.

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- December 22, 2010 6:48 PM // DishumDishum

New Blood

I am excited to welcome Amar Parikh and Biraj Lala into the dishumdishum fold. After endless exchanges between us bemoaning the Indian American experience by way of pop culture and the ensuing buffoonery, I am psyched we will finally see the two share more of their thoughts publicly. In addition, Shari has also vowed to cross post more often and this forum will be all the better for it.

Here's to more dishum in our lives!

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- April 25, 2010 5:09 PM // DishumDishum

Buddha Casting Call

From the author of this posting on Deadline Hollywood:

"dunno. I’m sure these projects sound great on the celebrity Buddhist circuit, when you’re saying “namaste” to Richard Gere or Uma Thurman, but I just don’t know how much appeal they have in Des Moines."

What do you think? While Buddha won't play like Passion of the Christ in Des Moines, isn't it still worthwhile to get these kinds of projects off the ground and into the western media mainstream?

Here's the link.

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Biraj Lala - April 22, 2010 8:24 AM // Bollywood , Diaspora , DishumDishum , Film , India

Back In Business ..

Phew, that was a month and a half! After sifting through oodles of hosting providers and picking one, the next step was the most daunting: moving the blogging platform. Alas, it was a step too far. I thought long and hard about leaving my long time partner (Movable Type) for a newer, sexier model (WordPress). It wasn't an easy decision. Reliability, sturdyness? Or prom queen popularity, glamour, glitz and user contributed goodness?

Okay, I admit it - I walked out the door. I took a test drive with my new trophy wife to be and I didn't want to come back. I shacked up with her for a week. But the highway of love is a lot tougher than it looks and rude reality butted in. What about custody rights? Styles? Themes? HTML code? There was no easy transfer, no quick solution. The manual was misleading. My new lover had led me on.

Beaten, I did the only thing a real man would do. I came crawling back. But would my forsaken lover take me back? Only, she'd taken care of herself while I was gone. She'd upgraded herself as well. She had other options too. It wasn't easy but an exhaustive nine hour session of pleading finally did the trick. I was back in.

Now, we're together again, ready to start the next phase of our life together. Sometimes though, I do stare out the window and wonder what could have been. Then, I think, well there are always dalliances elsewhere. My other site could use a new coat of paint ...

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- January 27, 2007 12:31 PM // DishumDishum , Technology

Mini Hiatus ..

Hey folks, it's been more than a year of Dishum Dishum - 150+ posts, thousands of hits and so on. On the whole, I've enjoyed it thoroughly. Somewhere though, in between furiously scribbling my next masterpiece on a laptop in Caltrain, stopping when I got home and resuming long past midnight, I realized I'd been ignoring my audio/video aspirations. You'll notice those sections on DD haven't been updated in a while! So, I'm now taking stock and planning our next set of projects. Look for DD to relaunch soon with new material, new focus, and new hosting.

I'll still update the site with written posts whenever I can but I figure now's the time to jump on the production bandwagon. Loha garam hai ...

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- October 11, 2006 12:52 AM // DishumDishum

Happy New Year!

And a lovely New Year to all of you. I've taken this opportunity to add a sidebar to the site called "The Dishum Primer." Essentially, this is a collection of posts that, while not necessarily being a best-of, did stand out in some way. Hopefully, this will give the newer readers a flavor of what went on in the past. If you want to jump ahead to the entries, they're also collected here. Cheers and, as always, thanks for reading!

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- December 30, 2005 7:08 PM // DishumDishum


This is the inaugural post on this weblog. In true Indian film tradition, such an occasion calls for an opening party, (or muhurat) type celebration. So, crack open a coconut, sit back and enjoy a stream of consciousness guff courtesy yours truly!

Why am I starting this weblog? Isn't the world already full of enough of them as it is? Well, perhaps there's room enough there yet. Millions of books are published every year - but that doesn' stop the laptop equipped latte chugging hordes in Starbucks and Baristas everywhere churning out stuff does it? You, my dear reader, get to decide what's worthwhile and what isn't.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we are multimedia producers, probably not as good as we'd like to be, but hopefully getting there. Anyway, by virtue of this goal, we consume a fair number of films, music, theater, and other forms of media. Living in the lovely Bay Afrea helps :-) In hopes of bettering ourselves, we like to analyze these works - find linkages, figure out why a particular film worked and so on. Our creative output focuses on the South Asian diaspora but grist for our input can be, should be, as varied as possible. This could be Bollywood, Japanese anime, Korean horror, UK Asian Underground music - the more the merrier. And this blog is where we record our impressions.

Of course, this is the main thrust of this weblog. But in true Bengali adda style, anything goes though I will try to keep the politics down to a minimum. 'nuff said. Enjoy!

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- April 6, 2005 11:28 PM // DishumDishum